Feel Better in Your Body
Feel Better in Your Body
Bryce Canyon, Sunset, 2014

What to expect during an in person session.

If I am seeing you at your home.
I do not travel with a treatment table, but will work with you on your own table if you have one. I work with most people on a bed in their home. Some choose to cover it with a flat sheet for the session. If needed we will work on the floor or a couch. Sometimes a chair is used.
I will ask you some questions.
What brought you to this session? What do you want help with? What are your expectations? What do you hope to receive? Do you have any medical conditions I need to know about? What is your previous experience with healing, massage, and bodywork?
We will assess the best approach.
We will discuss both what your expectations are, and what I feel to do, to come to a consensus. Most people want attention focused on specific complaints.
Spiritual healing as I practice it often involves placing my hands on the body, 
with or without the use gentle forms of massage type manipulations. The process may involve  breathing, spoken words, audible tones or song, visualizations, movement, and however spirit beneficially guides us. A healing session might have no physical contact.
We will get to work.
I like to keep the intake process as short as possible.
How will it feel?
My touch can vary from very gentle to very forceful. It depends upon what is needed in each circumstance, and upon what you are comfortable with. We will work together. 
A very gentle approach can bring profound relief, without causing any discomfort. If any massage is involved, lotion, oil, or your own product, is used as needed to avoid skin discomfort.

People can experience various sensations as energy moves or shifts. It is common to feel vibrations, tingling, heat or coolness. It is common to see light of one form or another. Yet many people feel nothing and see nothing.
There is no need to feel or see energy to find the relief or change you are seeking.
What does a client wear?
A session intended only as spiritual or energetic healing is accomplished fully clothed.
For sessions involving massage type work, clients typically disrobe to an extent dictated by the needs of the anticipated work and the client’s comfort level. Draping is used as needed. Much bodywork can be accomplished with no disrobing.
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.
What does a client do during a session?
Most of the time you will be laying down. Sometimes you may be sitting, standing, or even walking.
It is your session.

At any time during a session you can ask questions or give feedback. I will not share any personally identifiable information without your explicit permission.

Hippeastrum Bloom, 2014
DISCLAIMER:  Although Rodney Taft is licensed as a physician, he is not practicing medicine as presented here. You are not a medical patient of Rodney Taft. 
He is not a participating provider in any insurance plan. 
You are responsible for your own medical care, and must proceed in the care of your health, and the treatment of any disease, in consultation with your personal physician.

Any changes in medication that you take, and any changes in any other treatment prescribed by your physician, must be made in consultation with your physician.