Feel Better in Your Body
Feel Better in Your Body
What to expect during a telephone session.

I will ask you some questions.
Why did you schedule a session? 
What do you want help with? What are your expectations? 
What do you hope to receive? 
Do you have any medical conditions I need to know about?
What is your previous experience with massage, 
bodywork, and healing?
We will proceed from there.
All telephone sessions involve some conversation. 
It is often a guided process using breath and imagery. 
Sometimes we will stay on the telephone the entire session.
Frequently we will hang up for a while. 
During this time you will be sitting or laying down comfortably
while I am working with the energies from a distance. 
Then we will speak again at the end. 
To close a session, I may offer suggestions to reinforce and deepen your experience.

How does a telephone session feel?
People have varying experiences depending upon 
their sensitivities and their unique process. 
There is no particular way it should feel. 
There are often subtle sensations and perceptions of various sorts.
And, sometimes poeple notice nothing at all. 
How will you feel afterward?
My hope is for relief, improvement, and peace of mind.
It is your session !

At any time during a session you can ask questions or give feedback. I will not share any personally identifiable information without your explicit permission.



DISCLAIMER:  Although Rodney Taft is licensed as a physician, he is not practicing medicine as presented here. You are not a medical patient of Rodney Taft. He is not a participating provider in any insurance plan. You are responsible for your own medical care, and must proceed in the care of your health, and the treatment of any disease, in consultation with your personal physician.

Any changes in medication that you take, and any changes in any other treatment prescribed by your physician, must be made in consultation with your physician.