Feel Better in Your Body
Feel Better in Your Body
Marlborough, MA 2016

Rodney graduated with honors from medical school in 1988. Diverging from the usual post-graduate medical training of internship and residency, he went straight to a year long training in massage school, and then in 1990 to the Rolf Institute. 

(Rolfing is typically a deep form of bodywork that seeks to align the body for greater freedom, balance and ease of movement through a soft tissue approach which allows the skeleton, and all the tissues, to adjust into better alignment without the high velocity adjustments common to chiropractic.)
He worked for a time doing bodywork, and then in 1992-93 completed one year of
in hospital, post-graduate medical training, in general internal medicine at Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT.

After this, Rodney went right back to his practice of bodywork and soon began his study of energetic or spiritual healing. There are many approaches to this type of work and he has studied with several different teachers for thousands of hours over the years. His intent is always with an intent is to create a positive change in people.

He lives with his wife and 16 year old son in Massachusetts.
Marlborough, MA 2016
Springtime, Central Park, NYC 2016
  • New York Medical College (Valhalla, NY) with honors, 1988
  • Swedish Institute of Massage (New York, NY), 1989
  • Rolf Institute of Structural Integration** (Boulder, CO), 1990
  • Craniosacral manipulation through Upledger Institute 
        (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
  • Energetic or spiritual healing through workshops and
        extensive courses involving thousands of hours with several teachers
  • NY-Massage   #005001
  • NY-Medicine   #193553

**Not a current member of the Rolf Institute

DISCLAIMER:  Although Rodney Taft is licensed as a physician, he is not practicing medicine as presented here. You are not a medical patient of Rodney Taft. He is not a participating provider in any insurance plan. You are responsible for your own medical care, and must proceed in the care of your health, and the treatment of any disease, in consultation with your personal physician.

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